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Why Bamboo

why bamboo

Bamboo: The Environmentally Friendly Choice

Using bamboo in your kitchen and home is good for the environment!

First, it is great looking, and features a uniquely modern appearance that can come in a variety of colors and styles. It is also a durable and very long lasting material.

Another, when it comes to bamboo is just how fast growing and easily renewable it really is. Because it grows around 4 meters per year, it can be easily harvested every few years without seeing a reduction in the size of the forest.

The primary reason why harvesting bamboo can be considered “environmentally friendly” even though it is essentially cutting down the forest is because cutting down the top part pf the plant doesn’t actually kill it, It’s more like cutting your lawn before long it’s going to grow back. In fact, cutting the plant actually helps its ability to grow and will be of much better quality.

Bamboo has become extremely popular in many fields, it creates no real problems for the environment and helps to preserve our Earth the way it is meant to be. I’d say that’s a great deal.

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