• Promotional Eco-friendly Bamboo Wine Display Rack From Homex Industry

    Come and buy delicate bamboo wine display racks to decorate your home! Those attractive bamboo wine rack is perfect for the wine lover or someone just starting their wine collections.Those wine rack are easy assembled,and fits easily on any countertop.

  • Multi-Functional Bamboo Cutting Board with 3pcs Storage Drawers From Homex Industry

    This item will help systematizes your food preparation, letting you quickly chop and sweep the ingredients into the transparent drawers below.The surface is made from finished, oil-treated bamboo that scoffs knife etchings and absorbs moisture to smoothen the work flow. The drawe…

  • Smart Design Bamboo Cheese Board Set with Cheese Knives From Homex Industry

    Smart bamboo cheese board set in beautifully designed, not only provides a cheeseboard for serving your cheese,fruits.nuts and snacks, it also includes a slide out drawer style storage compartment that stores 4 stainless-steel and bamboo cheese tools make cutting and spreading ea…

  • Bamboo Wine Serving Tray From Homex Industry

    The attractive Bamboo Wine Serving Tray is perfect for your dinning table setting.  Made out of 100% bamboo,It fits 1 bottle and 4 wine glasses or 6 champagne flutes.

  • End Grain Bamboo Cutting Board,Professional Butcher Block From Homex Industry

    Made of organic bamboo with end grain construction offers a unique cross-lined appearance and the flat surface that is perfect for variety functions like chopping, dicing, slicing, mincing, and etc.Bamboo is an excellent alternative to wood. Easier on knives and won't harbor…

  • Contemporary MDF 3 Tier Shelf with drawers From Homex Industry

    This shelf can be used flexibly in the household or residential area. 3 drawers provide additional storage space exactly where you need it.it does not need much space and is still plenty of storage space.The sturdy shelf wearing your belongings with ease and fits its universal de…

  • Delicate Modern Clothes Rack From Homex Industry

    Modern clothes rack perfect for storing + showing off your favorite pieces anywhere!This clothes rack with an industrial and simple expression. Its function is evident and its simple construction – with a rail, shelf and trusses – provides space for clothes, shoes and bags.Come a…

  • Newest Utility Shoe Rack–Easy no tool set-up. Industry

    Keep your shoes organized with this S/S +MDF Utility Shoe Rack Set. The durable steel frame has an attractive coated finish and each shelf is inlayed with wood composite slats, providing an beautiful and useful addition to any closet.

  • Multifunctional three-legged table Industry

    Multifunctional three-legged table. At first Look, he looks like a stool, but whether as a bedside table or side table, he is an eye-catcher in any room. Even for plants, it offers a secure grip and is very special.

  • New Port Multi-functional Side Table/Nightstand From Homex Industry

    The New Port Multi-functional Side Table/Nightstand features a modern design that surprises. With the form of a tipped over cube standing on one edge, Multi-functional Side Table/Nightstand is used to store books and other personal items in its interior. A small tabletop is fitte…